One term that has come out of the Goddard lawsuit is the SLAPP tactic. The acronym stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. It is being applied to accuse the Plaintiff of the Goddard lawsuit of filing the lawsuit to silence Goddard and those who post on her blog. 

I do not believe this to be the case. I hold firm on my opinion that this is clearly a Defamation suit and nothing else. The lawsuit certainly has not deterred Goddard and her gang from expressing their views of the case. It has had the opposite effect in that they have INCREASED their expressions and have gained supporters in the process.

I was therefore a bit surprised when I saw a blog where Alexandra Goddard is using a SLAPP tactic of her own to silence her critics.

Alexandra Goddard has tweeted that she is going to start handing out Cease and Desist orders against some unknown persons and perhaps a blog or two. 

It seems that Ms Goddard can dish it out, but cannot take it. Ms Goddard seems to want to have free reign to say anything about anyone but not to have anything said about her. This, of course is nothing new. This is also not the first time she has pulled a stunt like this.

When she ran and a private blog or forum, she banned one woman from her site for violating a rule or two. In retaliation, the banned woman turned against her and blogged about abuses she claimed Goddard had done to others.

Goddard went and filed a cease and desist order that went nowhere because she did not do it properly and the woman fought back against her.

After a bit of a cat fight between them, they made up and the banned person would up back into Goddard’s fold.

What did strike me in all of this is both Goddard and the Blogger who wrote about these tweets from a protected account is that they are going around claiming to be proponents of the first amendment and claiming that the Goddard lawsuits is intending to infringe on free speech.

So what does Goddard and her supporters do? THEY infringe on those who want to exercise their free speech rights.


Stay tuned