radionewzlogoBy posting the information about people on her blog in such a thorough manner, Radio has widened what is permitted to be posted about anyone on the internet and I do mean ANYONE.

Not only does this include the principal target, but any spouse, partner, sibling or ANYONE associated with that person. has also endorsed the contacting of spouses, partners, siblings or EMPLOYERS associated with the target person or persons. This includes any aunt crazies or tree tards. has endorsed the posting of marriage licenses, court records, marriage records, divorce records, or ANY documentation whatsoever having to do with anyone on the internet. has in effect, declared that there is absolutely NO limit as to what can be posted about anyone. Even if that person is mistaken for the individual involved or any person associated with the person being “researched.”

In summary, has declared an END to the term STALKING. It does not exist, it never existed, it will never exist, there is no such thing as stalking.

Anyone who has claimed or is claiming that they are being stalked, have been stalked, had their licenses checked or tags checked have had their claims nullified by has declared that EVERYTHING is FREE SPEECH. There are no limits. 

Let the games begin.

Stay Tuned