Radio the braggart in her name calling tirade on her spoof and satire blog claims to be in constant touch with the Cummings  family. Oh really? Then prove it. Rather than offering this proof, she will say something like”I do not have to” or spin the old useless retort.

As Radio has reminded us many a time, it is easy to claim anything on the internet, it is another to prove it.

I could just as easily say that I know a lot more about the Cummings case then she ever thought of knowing since I live a short drive from there and still have occasion to be in Putnam county frequently. 

As a result, I could claim that I know key people with the correct information as to what is and is not going in in regards to this still open missing child case.

 As for Radio offering any proof, I see nothing more coming out of Radio other than  more baseless retorts and bragging. Certainly nothing of substance.