radionewzlogoWhen Radio cannot get her own way, she resorts to putting people’s lives and safety in danger as well as opening people up to all sorts of harassment.

I seem to remember someone having a bit of a tantrum when a picture of a house that someone claims no longer to be lived in, was posted on the internet AFTER the address appeared in a legal document.


I also remember the hell that was raised and the THREAT of complaints to law enforcement  when all I did was check to see if a vanity plate was AVAILABLE in a certain number of states.


But, Let do it and it is one big JOKE. I have had the experience of having my unlisted phone number put on the internet, and by the same person as who likely endorsed Radio’s action. SHIT

Radio seems to think that putting the safety and security of a mid 60’s is some kind of a joke. Let us hope that Radio and Goddard do not wind up with blood on their hands because of this little stunt.

That stunt cost me a lot in both safety and security as well as economically. Radio has just proven what I have been claiming for years. People will go to the lengths of even terrorizing innocent people by giving out their private information not caring what the consequences of their actions may be.

All one has to do is read the posts listed in the lawsuit against Alexandra Goddard to understand the kind of people who will now call this woman with the kind of threats that would be an attempt to deny her her first amendment rights.

A bit of an update. There is a slight chance that the number posted is not that of their intended target but that of someone randomly chosen by Radio to publish. If that is the case, the situation is worse because now some innocent victim is going to be the target of this nonsense. It shows that Radio has no moral character when it comes to actions like these.

It is this kind of cyber abuse and bullying that make it important that the names of those in the lawsuit against Alexandra Goddard be made public. 

Stay tuned