I am not sure why Radio posted what she did. I suppose it is out of desperation. In her latest post she accuses me of doing something by e-mail to make her think that there are a huge number of people keeping track of her. 

In fact, the opposite is true. A good number of people AVOID her blog. Her latest nonsensical blog article is one reason why.


Anyhow, let me get back to her original charge. I am not entirely certain how rss feeds work other than when when I get posts that Radio makes, they come by e-mail. When these posts come, they are quite different than you see if you go to her blog directly. In order to read the post the way Radio wants it read, you have to click on a hyperlink at the end of the e mail. This then takes you to the post in question.

Radio and her sock puppets, at times will write a good many “articles” that get sent by e-mail. All comments made to the articles get sent by e-mail as well. 

The process with comments is the same as the main post, in order to see it the way it is written on the blog, you have to use the hyperlink at the end of the e-mail;

I suspect that this might be happening. I guess the price of reading Radio’s blog is to get lied about.

Now, Radio did let out a little secret that my stalkers have kept. All the fake material that has been created plus all of their rumors and lies wind up as being able to be seen on Google searches.


This is the purpose of them creating their propaganda in the first place. The more they write, the more that turns up on Google.


It creates the illusion that there is a lot about me when in fact all they are doing is repeating the same things over and over again.

Early on in their smear campaign, one even admitted that is the reason for what they were doing. 

Google is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the liars. This sort of tactic is used by cyber abusers all over the internet. The problem is so bad that there are “reputation restoration” companies” that will counter this tactic for a fee.


Just remember, when you do a Google search, ask yourself how did the material get there in the first place?

In a majority of the cases it is a creation of a hater that posts fake content for the express purpose of showing up in a Google search. 

Radio proves yet again, when you stand up to her cyber abuse, that she will use any trick or deception in retaliation. 

What Radio does NOT do, is tell the TRUTH.

Stay Tuned