manningOut of the Gulf War conflicts comes an unlikely hero to many and a thorn in the side of the Us Military and intelligence community.

One of my followers brought this story to my attention. I had followed the story for a while but had gotten side tracked by the goings on with certain blogs.

PFC. Manning was charged with releasing classified documents to Wikileaks a well known website where freedom of speech is taken to the extremes.

wikileaksThis is where his story takes a strange turn. In most cases, when a soldier faces a court martial, he is placed in a military prison awaiting the trial. He would expect to be treated with the same human rights we expect to be afforded any soldier who might be a prisoner of war in another country.

This seems not to be the case here. It turns out that he has been singled out as an example of what happens to a soldier that defies the government when it comes to the release of classified documents that seem to show the US military and the intelligence agencies violated the very human rights laws we demand of others.

PFC Manning has made a plea offering with the Government:

anonymousPFC Manning is undergoing a pretrial punishment hearing which has intensified the attention to his plight by his supports many of whom are affiliated with the political group Anonymous. Anonymous has been at the forefront of support for PFC Manning and have been active in many ways on his behalf as well as in support of Wikileaks.

It looks like 2013 is going to be the year where certain facts and truths come out as well as a test of the effectiveness of the internet community to make changes and influence the actions of governments and corporations throughout the world.

Stay Tuned