dominoThere might be those who are defendants in the Goddard lawsuit who might try and fight the discovery order that has been handed down today. Of course that will depend on if they can afford to do so. Defending yourself against a lawsuit COSTS MONEY. In SOME cases, if there is a liability rider in their homeowner’s insurance, that may cover some of the expenses. However, the insurance carrier is in control and will decide if the order will be challenged or not. 

The insurance company may choose to settle with the plaintiff in order to save the costs involved.

The odds are fairly good that the other defendants may not have the financial resources to fight the orders and may choose to negotiate their way out of the situation by identifying the others and testifying against them.

If Ohio has a joint and several liability tort in their civil system, the plaintiff may go after those defendants with the most assets for damages.

It is rumored that one of the defendants is a fairly wealthy woman who lives a short distance from Steubenville.

This is just the first inning in a very long ball game.

Stay tuned