You gotta love how some people work themselves around censorship. Recently Alexandra Goddard had a burr up her ass over a photo of a MACHINE next to a bed with a piece of paper attached to it. Rather then just let an issue that was over with go away, Ms Goddard decided to raise a stink and complain to WordPress about it being on this blog. 

Now why would Ms Goddard scream, MINE MINE MINE, over such an innoculous photo. The reason is in why the photo was originally published. It seems that Ms Goddard wanted to PROVE she was in the hospital for some mysterious infection that garnered a lot of attention toward her from both her supporters and one detractor who seemed to question the truth of her claim.

In response, the offending photo turns up on Radio’s blog (with permission of course) as “proof” that Ms Goddard is, in fact, in a hospital room.

For several days the photo remained, undisturbed and unread since everyone had moved on the more recent events and the Goddard hospital saga was all but forgotten. But, not for long. For the second time, Sandra Goddard had thrown a temper tantrum and had run off to WordPress to order the image be removed.

Well, since she owns the thing (or claims to) WordPress PACIFIED her and told me to remove it, which I did.

After Radio made a big “victory dance” on her blog that Prinnie had “fucked up Murt with some DMCA notices” and one or two more defamatory posts and then handed over the blog to the day shift.

Imagine my surprise when another blogger, on wordpress, went and put the image on HER blog!

Not only did she do that but she also put up a google search that shows the image all over the internet. Now ANYONE who wants the thing can find it easily and DOWNLOAD it.

A real interesting way to work around a problem.

Stay tuned