Well, she did it AGAIN. Ms Goddard has CENSORED this blog yet again. This time the photo was of a MACHINE! 

You have GOT to be kidding me. This COWARD along with her protoge’ Radionewzblog have stolen HUNDREDS of images AND content from my various blogs, forums AND streams. And this woman has the NERVE to say that her fight with the plaintiff who is SUING HER is about the FIRST AMENDMENT. I say BULLSHIT. Alexandra Goddard is showing that she DOES NOT believe in the first amendment.

IF Ms Goddard wants to go through this bullshit with copyrights, then SHE needs to REMOVE IMMEDIATELY from the internet ALL files pertaining to ME, all IMAGES, POSTS, CHATS, STREAMS. ALL OF IT. If you are going to pull this shit on me Ms Goddard then you need to comply as well. THIS is the TRUE reason you shifted your web content to foreign hosts.

YOU do NOT want to follow the RULES you impose on OTHERS. This is proof folks of how this woman works.

Stay tuned