The whole reason for this license tag diversion is to steer away from my accusation that the M2KFLA person is a FAKE and a LIAR. This person is making a joke and a mockery out of rape and those who have been the VICTIMS of rape.

It seems to be quite a stretch that out of the MILLIONS of people out of the internet, someone who JUST HAPPENS to be a rape victim (or so she claims) would show up on MY follow list with a username that is 99% the same as my other twitter account. This person also “just happens” to have an auto tag that is 99% similar to my old vanity tag in those states and provinces that allow that letter number combination.

With odds like that I should easily win the almost 600 million dollar jackpot that will be drawn tonight. Darn, I forgot to buy my tickets.

Rather than face this accusation head on, this FOOL side tracked the discussion by this useless debate over auto tags. This person is running away from the truth and radio is letting it get away with it and is making a joke of rape in the process.

It is unfortunate that Radio should allow her blog to get involved in this fiasco, but I am not really surprised as she already has made a joke out of missing children cases.

Stay tuned