I just visited the den of LIES called Radionewz.net and read the BULLSHIT posted by this M2KFLA nitwit. First of all these morons are side tracking YET AGAIN what the discussion is all about. I was SENT some of the screenshots of some of the things these people were saying ABOUT ME, even though I blocked them and have NOT been reading what was, until recently, PROTECTED accounts.

I am going to deal with this tag nonsense right now.


First, yes, the Old system of Tag Talk was discontinued. This was due to a fee that was required for each check that the system was not capable of. It was replaced by a system called Auto Data Direct which is about the same thing.

Next: Thanks largely due to the efforts of people like Michelle Lynn McKee, Angelinflorida AND Sandra Goddard, I am no longer a licensed used car dealer in the state of Florida. I lost a small fortune and 7 people lost the source of income the dealership provided.

I did NOT seek the PERSONAL information of ANYONE through finding out if a tag was issued in ANY state using M2KFL or M2KFLA. The FACT of the matter as that NEITHER of these numbers exists in ANY state in the US or Canada. I even had this checked by the Orange County Sheriff’s department in Orlando, Florida just to be certain that my information is correct.

I explained to the clerk why I was asking for this information and she agreed that this was legal and proper since I was not seeking information on WHO the respective tag numbers were issued to.

Since EVERY car in the WORLD goes around with SOME KIND of tag number on it, it seems rather stupid to be having this debate in the first place, but it is ONE way for the IMPERSONATOR to change the subject so what the hell, I will go along with it.

Now as to the FIRST TIME I checked this information. Before asking for an INTERNATIONAL check for these numbers to see if a TAG WAS ISSUED ONLY, I did ask for a check to be done by THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES OFFICE ON LEE ROAD which is a couple of miles from here. This is ALWAYS done when applying for a specific letter number combination to see IF THIS IS AVAILABLE. It is the exact same thing that someone would do when checking for a DOMAIN NAME registration, for example.

Next we cover this nonsense regarding the use of PAY for information services such as Intellus or Net Detective. Again my impersonator is LYING. There are LAWS in place that PROHIBIT these services from giving out the kind of information that is being claimed by the impersonator. These companies are in business to MAKE MONEY and are not going to risk GOING TO JAIL because of a nosy blogger.

Finally we are going to cover this nonsensical claim by Holly Briley that someone stole her identity. I say it is a HOAX. First of all, it is my understanding that HOLLY HERSELF posted her ENTIRE DRIVER’S license ON LINE. IF this is not the case, then Holly might want to explain to the world just how the hell someone got their hands on it.

Also, having the license number alone is not enough to obtain highly personal information. Again, the proper authority must be in place in order to obtain the information the license provides. I do remember PERSONALLY talking to Holly about this issue when I first learned of it and told her to report it to the legal authorities immediately. In thanks for my doing so I am now accused BY HER of improperly checking into people’s backgrounds.

This is typical, Holly, however, so I am not surprised.

Now here is my CHALLENGE to M2KFLA. You have made claims to have started a criminal investigation against me. So this is what is going to happen. At 10:00 am tomorrow morning, I am going to call first, The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, then I am going to call The Florida Highway Patrol, troop F here in Orlando. I will also be calling the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s department to discuss your accusations. I have already printed out Radio’s article along with ALL THREE comments made in relation to it to show all of these agencies if they wish to see them. I will also be supplying them the names of the STATE OFFICIALS that did the checks I made earlier in the article.

So, be sure to let me know the name of the police official(S) or other GOVERNMENT official(S) you contact so that I can file the appropriate FOIA requests as well as discuss this matter with them PERSONALLY.

Time for you to put up or retract what you claim, ASSHOLE.