A short time ago, I got into a discussion with someone how context deception can be sort of a lie. I did not understand what the person meant until the subject of my Badoo profile page came up.

Now to answer the first question, what the hell is Badoo?

First and foremost, it is a date site. It is, however, a bit different than most as it comes as an app on Facebook which is how I found it in the first place. Someone who is on the thing sent me to an invite and it was someone on my friends list.

There is no sin or shame in being on one of these things and since I am not married, there is no violation of any trust either.

This, then, makes one ask, Why did my Stalker go through the trouble of publish the article on it’s blog to begin with?


The answer is within the article itself. The title of this brief article alone is the deception. It was the intent of the stalker to imply that I had created a false and misleading deception when presenting myself on the profile page. Most people who do not understand how these sites work would fall for this obvious lie. Those who DO understand how this site works have been sending me messages asking me why I have let this person get away with this deception.

My answer to all of them is that I had not felt like giving the stalker the attention it desired from creating this false impression and had chosen to ignore the issue. The conversation I had with a certain person prompted me to write this article since this is one example of how my blogger writes deceptive content and seems to get away with it.

It was pointed out to me that anyone reading the stalker’s article would get a FALSE impression of what was represented in the  profile page and would not bother to go there and check it out for themselves.


NOTE: this is the link my STALKER used to find the site. The actual link is quite different but accomplishes the same thing.

So, For those who do not feel like visiting my profile, take a CLOSE look at the above image. You will notice right off hand there is a header “INTERESTED IN.” On virtually all date and social media sites, there is this brief section that is similar to a resume. It is intended to give the reader an overview of who it is in the profile and what they might be interested in as far as meeting someone.

The first deception the stalker made was in it’s  Brad Pitt wise crack on the title header. It FALSELY implied that I was giving the impression that I looked like him which would be a neat trick at the age of 62.

The blogger totally ignored the TRUE comment that was in my profile. I was trying to make a JOKE.

I clearly stated “Single or widowed open minded woman who does not mind not finding a Brad Pitt look alike. Prefer a non smoker.”

The stalker conveniently left that OUT of the blog title.

The next part of the “interested in” area of the profile has to do with the category “children.” Remember that the header clearly states INTERESTED IN. This should have been obvious to the Stalker and likely is but it decided to ignore the truth.

It is quite clear that the blogger/stalker did not intend to represent the truth on my profile and instead, deceived its readers the same way it has done so in the past and continues to do so

If one goes to the section during the EDITING process, there will be four choices to enter. This goes to what one would want from THE OTHER PERSON and NOT necessarily the status of THE PERSON’S profile. When I chose the NO, NEVER option that simply meant that I do not want to get into a relationship where the “canidate” who has children. The stalker seems to imply that I was saying that I never had children. There is nowhere in that section where one would post an answer to if THEY had children had one pass away unless they wanted to write it in.

In closing, what is curious is that the blogger would go to the extreme of visiting the date site and write about my being there in the first place. I am not the first person this blogger did this to. I am but the third. There were others who had their being on these types of sites plastered all over this person’s blog and always in a negative manner.

All of this goes to show that it is the blogger that is the STALKER and not me nor any of the other of targets it has chosen to write about.

Stay tuned