The lies coming out of the mysterious Radio get more obvious with every posts it makes. She so misrepresented the blog I wrote about the strange troll she has felt the need to defend in her post thanksgiving rants.

The FACT of the matter is that the troll in question BUTTED IN where she was not welcome nor wanted when she FOLLOWED me on twitter and started to recycle the lies that go back at least 8 years that have been lodged against me. Lies supplied to her by links from one particular blogger who started this mess in the first place.

It is unfortunate that Radio seems that it is necessary for her to get readers to her blog by stooping to bullying, persecuting and outright lying about people. It is abundantly clear that she so desperately needs the attention garnered by such a practice that she sacrifices moral ethics and the truth to achieve that goal.

Those numbers do not matter to me. If only four people read this blog then so be it. I will not stoop to the lows Radio has had simply to gain readership to this blog which is mainly an archive of the abuses lodged against me and others who have no respect for others or respect for the truth.

Stay tuned