Right after joking about (S)trolling’s threat of a lawsuit against me because I would not publish 30 racist laced posts that I had not allowed on my blog comes what seems to be her rage that someone sent her a cease and desist order by e-mail.

This is a rather interesting incident, if true, because I remember the exact same thing happening a few years back in regards to  some individuals who where having a bit of a feud of their own. This was between the blogger in Ohio being sued and at least one of her allies and another person.

There were “cease and desist” orders being passed around by e-mail like popcorn. In one case one was even delivered by registered letter from a post office box in Ohio to the HUSBAND of one blogger. The result was an ensuing debate as to the validity of these orders.

One fact did come out of all of these. Simply sending one of these things by mail or e-mail does not make it legally binding. The order must be sent through proper channels by an officer of the court with the rules varying between who sends the thing and who gets it.

Why Radio chose to make this incident public without publishing the order, is a bit of a puzzle.

It makes one wonder if such an order exists or if Radio is simply making the whole thing up.

The one likely reason I can think of is her constant need to be the center of attention.

Stay tuned