In her usual bob and weave style, Radio once engages me on Twitter and her blog claiming who the mysterious Queen Sleuther is. When I press her for proof of her claim, she refuses to offer any other than the sly statement that “others” know and that is all that is important.

To me that is an evasion and a cop out. I do not think she knows and she is either guessing or trying to get the REAL QP to chime in and deny the claim in an effort to REALLY find out who she is. The fact of the matter is that I do not have a clue as to who EITHER Sue Curry or QP is. I certainly do not know why a bunch of old twitter accounts that are GONE would show proof that QP is Sue Curry either. Radio did not get into the specifics of how those comments point to a connection.

This is just as “amusing” as when Levi Page got amused when he mistakenly thought I identified him as Executioner.

Radio also seems to feel that it is ok to throw names to fit handles out on the internet while at the same time fighting to keep both her name and gender a secret.

Seems to be something of a double standard as well as an indication that Radio is ASHAMED of who he/she is.

Happy Thanksgiving to all


Stay Tuned