Radio countered Stinky’s claim that Sandra Goddard was NOT in a West Virginia hospital with two points.

The first point that Radio brings up is that the screenshot is of someone using Roadrunner which is the exact same thing I use. That means that someone is on Brighthouse. The image information that shows up is a resolution not found on any smartphone that I am aware of. Radio assumes that this means it is a DESKTOP. Umm, not quite. It means it is NOT a smartphone but could be a LAP TOP.

I use BOTH a lap top and a desk top as well as  a smartphone when logging into Radio’s blog so it is a simple matter for her to look at the resolution of the device I am on now and determine if it is a smartphone, lap top, or desk top.

A simple solution to all of this, of course, is for the person from Miamisburg Ohio to log into either my blog or Radio’s blog and leave an e mail.

I do not have a clue how Stinky is able to see the log in info someone reading her blog WITHOUT that person leaving a comment. I would certainly like to be able to do that as it might answer a question or two.

I do have to concede one point to Radio on all of this. What the heck would Prinnie be doing in Miamisburg, Ohio. That town is a long ways away from Columbus, and it is a lot easier to evade a process server without having to travel clear across the state to do that.

One final point to note. Radio makes a big deal out of Prinnie’s name being next to each ip display in the screen shot.

It is painfully obvious that It was placed there as far as the editing process by Stinky for reference purposes rather than as any indication that this would show up in an ip trace. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Oh by the way, speaking of Ip’s. Radio made a MAJOR boo boo. SHE POSTED SOMEONE’S IP ADDRESS! Since whoever logged into Stinky’s blog is NOT Sandra Goddard, according to Radio, she just VIOLATED WordPress terms of service by posting the full ip address of an unknown individual.

Radio MAY have permission from GODDARD to post her IP information but Radio certainly DOES NOT have the permission of whoever that IP address belongs to if it is NOT Sandra Goddard.

Sandra Goddard went through the roof when I ACCIDENTALLY posted one and tried like hell to get  this blog shut down as a result. So much for the first amendment.

Because of that I made certain to BLOT OUT the ip address when I posted the screenshot that Stinky had made in her blog.

As for the tos issue at Stinky’s  blog, that is something someone else can deal with.

The simple and rather obvious solution to all of this, of course, is for Ms Goddard to log into ANY blog using the hospital wifi connection and let THEIR ip address be seen. Since, according to Michelle McKee, a major media outlet already has proof of her location, that excuse is out the window.

Stay Tuned