In an astonishing development, a blog known as The Stinkey Pamper:

Has offered with they say is concrete proof that Sandra Goddard is not in the hospital with  an infection, but is in fact, still in OHIO and with the help of and others, is mounting a massive hoax on the internet. Is the Stinkey Pamper also claiming that the motive for this alleged hoax is an attempt by Sandra Goddard to avoid being served with an order to appear in the Ohio court to answer the charges in a civil lawsuit that is being lodged against her?

This screenshot by Stinky Pamper seems to offer clear cut proof that Sandra Goddard is NOT in the hospital, but is in Ohio playing a cruel trick on those who think she is seriously ill and suffering in a West Virginia hospital.

Only time will tell. Sandra Goddard has, in the past, been the center of a hoax of this nature, so this would come as no surprise if true. I have read the article in question and have been convinced that Sandra Goddard has, in fact, FAKED her hospital stay. This is probably the lowest kind of stunt by this woman I have witnessed to date. If true, it will go along ways to prove the lack of character this woman has.

Stay tuned