Talking about making a mountain out of a mole hill, here comes Radio with one of her mindless posts about me again.

Obviously Radio is my forth reader since yet another screen shot of my blog appears on HER blog.

So let us deal with this latest obsession of me by Radio.

Levi Page, the famous kid reporter of the internet tweeted that he was “amused” that I suspected he was the mysterious brain dead Executioner.

BOTH Radio and Holly made a huge deal out of it and wrote their own blogs. Hmm that must make Holly number 2 on my reader list.

Since I was under the impression that the account of the person who asked the original question which was a hypothetical GUESS as to who this Executioner nut was was in PROTECTED mode, I GUESSED Levi in a moment of levity.

When I saw tweet by Levi,  I was wondering how Levi could see a question in a twitter account that is supposed to be in protected mode since he was neither a follower nor being followed.

I then wrote about this little mystery. AFTER I wrote my article the account holder chimed in saying that she had opened her account to public and that is how Levi saw the exchange between me and her.

So, I made a mistake, I stand corrected, big deal.

Now comes the interesting part. In her tirade, Radio asks why not tweet Levi and ask him about it?


I did ask. No answer yet although the question is moot in light of the big reveal by the account holder.

In her tirade, Radio “called me out” saying I should have tweeted Levi and asked him about it and accused me of shoddy behavior and so forth.

It looks like Radio ALSO made a mistake and has now been corrected.

Stay Tuned