It was interesting earlier to day watching the goings on down at one eatery known to be a hang out for staffers of the Orange County Courthouse and local Lawyers.

Members of the local press were milling around trying to find out what the heck is going on with WKMG and their special report that is to air in an hour or so of this writing.

Depending on who you listen to, the competition of WKMG either think they are trying one last desperate effort to pull their ratings out of the doldrums or they might be on to something that will create a buzz of one sort of another among those of us who follow the case.

The one thing that has come out of the goings on downtown is that not one single reporter, atty or other notable who knows the legal and media communities felt that anything of great import was going to come out of the telecast.

As far as WKMG getting a ratings boost, the numbers simply are not there. Even in Orlando, the case is considered old news. More people are concerned about the middle east than an old case that was decided long ago.

Unless the competition has seriously underestimated WKMG and their star reporter Tony Pipetone, it seems that those following the aftermath of the trial of Casey Anthony will be in for a big let down.

This is nothing new. WKMG has let us down in the past and WKMG will let us down again either tonight or in the future. It is a bad habit of theirs that they cannot seem to overcome.

See ya after 11

Stay Tuned