Is this hype or one hell of a headline? WKMG Orlando, located about 3 miles from where I am right now is about to start promoting what may or may NOT turn out to be the story that will end 2012 with one mighty big bang.

Tony Pipitone, the top reporter at the station has been working on news that there is new evidence surfacing that, if presented to the jury, would have had a totally different outcome to the verdicts. It is my understanding that this is evidence that would have given the jury the connection to Caylee that the prosecution was unable to convince them of in the trial.

Among  the reasons jury gave for not rendering a guilty verdict, was the fact that they could not connect Casey with the death of Caylee. The other reason, of course, is that the state never established a specific cause of death.

If the hype of WKMG pans out, this will give rise once again to the anger of those like the Caylee Warriors and the Justice for Caylee groups who claim that Caylee was denied justice in the Orange County Courthouse.

Stay tuned