I sometimes have to wonder about the mindset of certain people who establish Twitter accounts. Why is it these people establish these accounts? Do these people even understand what Twitter is?

Judging by some of the comments on that site, it seems they do not. When Twitter was first established, it was sort of a post it note, I am here message service. A majority of the posts on twitter was a status check of around 144 characters, text only, no photos, music or anything else.

Of course, with all things internet, the service grew and expanded and is nothing like the original.

What also seems to have been lost by a few people is just exactly how twitter works. For example, There is one certain Twitter account that was set up expressly for the purpose of supporting a defendant against a civil lawsuit. The creator of the account began by tweeting their support to the public in essence advertising their fight. They did so in an open public twitter account.

Well, as luck would have it, some bloggers read the tweets and did not agree with the position expressed in that account and chose to write about it. The bloggers also chose to write about the posts the defendant had made in her own public twitter accounts.

So, what do we see posted on the public twitter account supporting this person? The accusation that the bloggers took the content of the PUBLIC twitter accounts and blogged about them, and thus labeled them as STALKERS!

Excuse me? These are PUBLIC Twitter accounts, not BLOCKED twitter accounts and certainly NOT PROTECTED Twitter accounts.

My question here is if these people are so darn concerned about unwanted visits to their accounts, why not A: BLOCK the undesired readers from READING their accounts or B: PROTECT the accounts, only allowing those they WANT to read their posts to enter their sacred sanctuary.

This brings up another point. There is at least one blog, whose owner labels as a Spoof and Parody blog/twitter combination who goes around and actually SCREENSHOTS those twitter posts that concern her and then demeans the posters in her blog as often as a dozen times per day on both her blog and twitter accounts.

I do not see this other account protesting what SHE is doing, probably due to the fact that the people she is demeaning and smearing in that blog are those who do not necessarily support the defendant in the lawsuit. This is the practice of selective labeling.

Since, for some unexplained reason these twitter account holders insist on keeping their accounts public and also screenshot others accounts for the purpose of using them in their blogs, my advice for the masses is to quit reading their blogs, unfollow their twitter accounts and ignore these people.

Let them tweet and blog to each other to their hearts content since that is all they seem to want to do.

Stay Tuned