I was made aware of a recent incident involving twitter and a professional person who uses Twitter as part of their business.

It seems this professional was contacted by one person and asked if the person could engage this professional.

Somehow a rumor circulated that this professional had been hired and another twitter account holder then sent a dm to find out if this rumor is true. The professional answered the dm saying no but would consider offering their services.

Now, this is the odd part. The professional then sent a text to the person rumored to have hired this profession containing the entire dm of the third party.

What I find interesting about all of this is the following:

The professional LIED to the individual who asked the original question.

The professional then PASSED ON what should have been a PRIVATE conversation between to parties to a third party.

This goes to the ethics of the professional as well as the question; Did the professional violate the security of information act of Florida where a reasonable expectation of Privacy would have been expected in regards to DM’S?

It also shows that not even so called PROFESSIONALS can be trusted when it comes to actions on the social media.

Stay tuned