Over the past couple of days, a war has broken out, both in the middle east and on the social media as well.

When the Israel Defense Force took out a carload of Hamas leaders, their action sparked an intense war of words on blogs, streams and twitter by both sides.

One of the more interesting examples is a live stream on Ustream of the subsequent invasion by the IDF of Gaza entitled “Operation Pillar of The Cloud.”


The stream at the moment is a one sided conversation between the webcaster and someone on his iphone. On twitter there are various accounts including the IDF which is Israel’s military making comments about the ongoing event.

There are hundreds of Twitter accounts and blogs springing up to cover this major event. This is yet another example how the social media is wresting control away from the mainstream media and covering areas of interest both major and small.

The age of the citizen journalist is fast evolving.


Stay tuned