Since Sandra Goddard would file a complaint with WordPress for using HER picture, I have posted the above link instead. See for yourself.

Holly briley has posted one of those stupid PSA announcements on her blog stating that I have placed Sandra Goddard in danger by posting a picture of her Residence. This is a false and misleading statement as the ACTUAL ADDRESS was posted by the COURT where the lawsuit was filed. 

The photo of her residence (which by the way she has stated several times is NOT CORRECT) was taken from GOOGLE EARTH. If ANYONE wanted to look up her residence, it is a simple matter to take the address OFF THE COURT PAPERS and then do a search on Google Earth. You will then see where this house is.

Also what Holly Briley FAILS to do is to note that SANDRA GODDARD herself has put a photo of HER RESIDENCE on her Twitter page. If Ms Goddard feels her life is in danger than why would she put the SAME photo on her various websites.

Holly Briley has once again shown herself to be a fool and a liar.

Stay Tuned