The loon of the internet is back with another spurt of tweets coming out of that useless blog of hers.

dogging it on the bus

In a ranting on twitter, the loon also decided to invoke some kind of threat that I can expect a court order in the next week or so. Well, since she was kind enough to give me a heads up, I guess I will do a Goddard and make certain the process server cannot locate me.

Of course, in the mean time, I can pull out that first amendment thingie and contact some of those advocates that Ms Goddard and her supporters have whined to about her troubles over at her blog. Those who support the Goddard doctrine are supporting the point of view that you can say anything about anybody and not be concerned that it is the truth. The supporters of the Goddard doctrine do not feel there is such a thing as defamation of character or libel and therefore are free to accuse a 17 year old of being the mastermind in a gang rape when there is no evidence to back that contention up.

So while the countdown towards the so called court order begins, I take the time to prepare to go “off the grid” and start my nomadic travels from here to there to anywhere.

Thumbs up!!


Stay tuned