The one thing I have noticed in the propaganda campaign being lodged by the defenders of Sandra Goddard, is that they are misrepresenting the demands of the Plaintiff in regards to the lawsuit.

The goal is NOT, as claimed by those who are defending Ms Goddard, to shut her blog down, but, rather, to get those remarks removed that defame the 17 year old who was the victims of the blogger and her fellow defendants.

Common sense would have dictated that if Ms Goddard had simply removed those comments or at least changed the wording of those comments had been modified, then all of this mess could be avoided.

There is the fact that Ms Goddard would not be the center of attention which is, in my opinion, the true reason for her digging in and fighting this simple solution.

After all, the more attention Sandra Goddard gets, the more t shirts she can sell.

Stay Tuned