When I first came in contact with Tim of Behind the yellow tape, I was out of town. I arrived back here a few minutes before writing this blog article. 

As you might remember, a short while back Atty Kim Picazio a mutual friend tried to intervene to see if a solution could be found. I was willing to try but you were not.

Before I get down to the meat of the matter I just want to address something.

I am still at a loss how we got to this point in the first place. There was once a time when I thought you and I had at least a cordial relationship. Somehow I was mistaken or something happened to change that.

Kim Hinted and You hinted that you were blind sided. My question is blind sided by what? All I remember doing was taking sides with the Caylee Warrior groups in their right to protest certain matters regarding the Casey Anthony case and the aftermath.

I also expressed my concerns that the tone of your comments were going down the road of bullying. I had thought that your new format of Parody and Satire may have led you to believe that me or others should not have taken the way you said things about people that seriously. That is a guess on my part but not a certainty. The only thing that I do know is that from there things got out of hand real fast.

I think that Holly has played a large part in what has been going on and I think that if she stops with how things are done on your blog, that things will calm down rather quickly. 

That brings me to my next point. I have no idea who the heck is running things over there. I know nothing about you the supposed owner of the blog. Nobody does. I cannot find one person who has ever met or spoken to you. If you want to keep your identity private, that is your business. But, expect the speculation to continue. Wild tin hat theories abound and by keeping secrets about yourself only fuels that speculation.

Because of the unknown factor in who either owns Radionewz.net or controls things, it is hard to know if any agreement we make is even going to be adhered to.

I do not mind taking off of public view those articles you have concerns with. However, there are some made BY both of us ABOUT both of us that can stay in place. The material that needs to be weeded out are those that are clearly false.

Once I have an idea of what will and not be removed from both blogs, I can act accordingly. I need, however, assurance that there is someone in authority  over there that can make any agreement stick.

I must insist on one condition before agreeing to anything. Radio must acknowledge that all material supplied to her have been from outside sources and that the material was largely rumour, innuendo and hearsay supplied by individuals had questionable motives. There have been claims that I have been and am being played. That may be true. Radio is being played as well.


I await your reply.