The fake pm article by Holly as well as some of the other articles on blogs all over the internet regarding who did what to whom brings home an important lesson for all of us.

DO NOT TAKE SIDES OR JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHEN IT COMES TO ACCUSATIONS MADE OVER THE INTERNET. It is becoming all too clear that a majority of the claims being made are baseless or at the very least exaggerated.

Who is telling the truth is decided more by who your friends are and not by any facts or evidence.

One cost of taking sides in any dispute is that you will become the target of supporters of the other side. In other cases if someone has a dispute with you and see you taking sides in another dispute, they might intervene and make matters worse. This happened to me.

Some months back I got into a discussion with a woman who claimed she was being bullied. She sent me reams of material by e-mail along with a photograph. The contents of the photograph caused me to make the decision to contact the other party of the dispute. When the woman learned of this contact she became angry and accused me of turning on her which was not the case.

Recently, one of the principals in my dispute contacted the woman to cite her accusations against me. The woman did not side with her argument but rather told her she did not agree with her and did not want any more contact with her.

The result was not only did the same person contact the other party in her dispute but some rather demeaning images and articles appeared in a well known blog. The other party is now allied with that blogger and group against me.

This has taught me an important lesson. Do not try and mediate and do not get involved in on line arguments. It will wind up biting you in the ass.


Stay Tuned