She also went by Karen Curio Jones.

One of the most militant stalkers out to get me is again posting her lies and deceptive comments on my blog. What IS interesting is that this person going by the  fraud name (s)troller once defended  a rather odd character by the name of Diana Napolis. Because of my supposed association with one Michelle Deveraux, this person has been stalking me since at least 2006. She admitted in a now defunct Facebook page that she was a staunch defender of Diana Napolis.

Just who is this Napolis character? Think Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stephen Spielburg, Setanic Ritual Abuse. At a loss? Just check out the links and then ask who in their right mind would defend this character. The answer, of course is that the person is NOT in her right mind. Then the final and most important question. What is the connection between Diana Napolis and this defender? The answer is a bombshell.

Interesting that Napolis goes after famous people. CLUE

Oh, and how do I know that (s)troller is who I say she is? It is because she makes the same mistakes.


Stay Tuned