One of the most nit picky issues I have seen discussed of late is weather or not someone uses Photoshop to “spice up” their image on Facebook or other website where someone wants to make their image look as good as they can.

To make their point, the critics published the Photoshopped image along with the “real life” images of the person being targeted.

Well, if the person Photoshopps her image that is on the website, so what? Why do you think Photoshop was invented in the first place. This highly expensive software was originally developed for professional photographers and other digital media experts for “adjusting” the image or video to be published to give the content the best look possible. Just about every commercial magazine published has had its content photoshopped to one extent or another.

Since most of those involved in this argument are female, I find this a bit puzzling since almost all of the billions spent on make up products are by women. Oh well.

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