If anyone wanted to see the degree to which a woman would go to LIE they only need to read ALL of the blogs that Sandra H Goddard has written since she started stalking me over 4 years ago. She again repeats the LIE that she was banned over a photo that was not given credit to another person at Websleuths. Not so fast.

For the record, I was banned from Websleuths for life, TWICE, so I have no good reason for coming to their defense. I have been told by a good many people, the majority who are NOT my fans that Sandra H Goddard is LYING about this simple little fact (surprise surprse) in spite of proof to the contrary.


Sandra H Goddard is yet repeating the same lies over and over again along with the MAIN lie regarding those phony pm’s she keeps reposting. Now, I suppose I have to post this YET AGAIN so people understand why Sandra H Goddard and a few of her other “friends” were shown the door by the owner of Websleuths.

In mid March of this year, I was contacted by someone who shall remain anonymous who gave me a detailed account of how Sandra H Goddard inserted herself into the Princess Blue matter and upset the family members of missing loved ones by giving them false hope. How did Sandra H Goddard do this? By pretending to be some know it all “arm chair detective.” She created a drawing using, of course, PHOTOSHOP, of what SHE thought what princess looked like. She somehow obtained photos of Princess Blue’s remains and IN DEFIANCE OF THE FORENSIC EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY THE TEXAS INVESTIGATORS created a photoshopped image by somehow superimposing it over the skull.

I was sent an article that explains EXACTLY why she was BANNED not only from Websleuths but other websites she frequented under another username.


March 16, 2011 By Laura Townsand

Digging on the Web and Why It’s Not a Good Idea

Unfortunately, many writers scrounge the web for information to back up their stories. From recent experiences, I’m telling you to never, ever blindly follow what you read. Because a piece has been published from a credible source does not mean the information is accurate.

Take my sister’s missing persons case. In 2007-2008, I turned to the web for more information and places to publish. I found Websleuths, a resource chock full of folks who help solve cases. My sister’s case was listed there because she had been considered as a Jane Doe named “Princess Blue.”


This website set up by Laura Townsand accounts the details of the still missing Elizabeth Pfeifer. To my knowledge, my source of this information is NOT ms Townsand but someone from yet ANOTHER case that Sandra H Goddard and her band of “arm chair detectives” BARGED themselves into and disgracing the name of Websleuths in the process.

I would suggest that you, dear reader RESEARCH the story of how this story unfolded rather than take my word for it. There is the article that has been sent to me over and over and over again for the past 4 years detailing the TRUE reason why Sandra Goddard, aka Jaded, was banned from. Websluths.com

The article in question is NOT from a blogger but THE HOUSTON PRESS, a MAINSTREAM and NATIONALLY RESPECTED NEWSPAPER.


If you, dear reader, take the time to read the article that link takes you to, you will understand why it is that it was THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE where I found out Sandra H Goddards REAL name and LOCATION and NOT her “Aunt Crazy.” and other victims from DeKalb county Illinois and principally the city of Sycamore, Illinois.

I give you this SPECIFIC example from the article itself:

“Using Photoshop, Websleuth member Alexandria Goddard overlaid the sketches of Princess Blue onto Cheatham’s pictures. She was stunned at what she saw.”

“I want to say that it is her, but I also don’t want to set myself to be disappointed if it’s not,” Goddard says from her home in Ohio. She says she’s been speaking with Cheatham’s mother, who lives in California. Both were encouraged enough by the overlay that they contacted the Dallas detective handling the Cheatham case.

So unless the reporter who wrote this article goes by the name of “AUNT CRAZY” and suddenly MOVED TO SYCAMORE, ILLINOIS, Sandra H Goddard, aka PRINCESSBH, JADED etc. LIED!!!

This article was written in September 2007, almost one year to the day from when I first followed the Trenton Duckett case and around the time I was at the height of my participation on WEBSLEUTHS.COM. I find this a rather interesting fact to consider. Anyone around in THOSE days might want to check into the rather odd stalking certain members of Websleuths. Courtv forums and some of the other Trenton Duckett blogs were suffering from various Trolls. Seems to be an awful lot of “coincidences” to consider.

Princess H Goddard has a problem. I can back up my statements with VERIFIABLE sources, ie: newspapers, mainstream media sources, LAW ENFORCEMENT, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES and the like.

Sandra H Goddard’s sources? A set of questionable “pms” buried on a file sharing website. PMS she HERSELF  likely created.

Stay Tuned